Scorpio Transport 1266 Old North Coast Road, Redhill,  SA.
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why choose us

We have been in the business since 1992 and therefore have more than 20 years of experience! This also adds peace of mind when taking security and sustainability into account.

Family owned and operated!
Both our branches are family owned and operated, so you can be sure that your service levels are of the highest and that arising issues are dealt with immediately. Being actively involved in all aspects of the operations from driving forklifts to checking cargo, you are assured that your precious goods are handled with utmost care!

This is one of our strongest points and which is instilled in each and every staff member! "Always tell the truth - even if the client may not be happy with it"

From our flexibility with rates to flexibility with times - we are able to structure various deals to ensure mutually beneficial and profitable relationships. We do not have set times to deliver or collect or to open our warehouses so we are always able to accommodate our clients and at anytime!

Variety of services
In an effort to ensure total customer satisfaction, we have adapted our fleet and training to accommodate most of our clients' transport requirements. We are proud to inform you that we are able to transport anything from an envelope to thirty four ton break-bulk loads to ultra-heavy import and export containers. If we cannot do it ourselves, we will find a reliable company that can assist!

Reliable fleet
We can boast that 95% of our fleet is less than five years old and each vehicle is on strict maintenance schedules which ensures almost zero down time on the road! In case of the odd unforeseen incident that may occur a few times a year, we are affiliated to a network of roadside assistance service providers who are able to attend to any mechanical issues within hours. We are also fortunate in that we have spare vehicles at both our Durban and Johannesburg branches which can be dispatched at any time to relieve a vehicle that cannot be repaired within a few hours.

All staff are strictly screened for criminal records etc. On going incentives also ensure that our staff is happy and productive. With regards to our vehicles, very few freight companies can boast a minimum of two tracking units per vehicle. All of our trailers are also fitted with live tracking units. There is no use in having this equipment without someone watching and we have therefore contracted a 24 hour control room which monitors all vehicles. Erratic behavior of vehicles is attended to immediately to ensure zero incidents be it accidents or potential hijacking.

We have recently been issued with level 2 certification! This means that our clients will receive 125% recognition when making use of our services!

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose the best! We are also more than happy to provide details of current clients who enjoy our services and who will gladly provide you with a reference.